For United States federal employees who use webTA, the FedTC, FedTITO, FedLPP and FedSP apps bring the simplicity and innovation of Kronos to your smartphones and tablet devices.


For United States federal employees who use the Kronos webTA software to manage their work and leave time, the FedTC, FedTITO, FedLPP and FedSP apps bring the same flexibility and ease-of-use of webTA to smartphones and tablet devices.

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry 10


FedTC & FedTITO for iOS

Simple time-tracking and painless validation.

  • Add work or leave time to Hourly (FedTC) and Time-In/Time-Out (FedTITO) timesheets.
  • Validate your timesheets online with confidence.
  • Manage your work or leave time by day or grouped by transaction.

FedLPP for iOS

Add and manage leave or premium pay requests.

  • Submit new leave or premium pay requests.
  • Monitor approved and denied leave and premium pay requests.
  • Search transactions by keyword and name to save time and prevent errors.
  • Plan ahead with a calendar view of upcoming holidays and other requests.

FedSP for iOS

On-the-go certification of your employee's timesheets and approval of leave/premium pay requests.

  • View your webTA items organized by priority.
  • Access timesheet summaries that provide an overview of information that you need to quickly and accurately approve items or flag them for corrections or changes.
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Kronos cannot provide direct support for any problems or questions about webTA or the FedTC, FedTITO, FedLPP and FedSP apps. Kronos maintains strict rules about protecting your personally-identifiable information (PII) and does not have access to information about your employee, timekeeper or supervisor accounts for troubleshooting or support.

Your FedTC, FedTITO, FedLPP and FedSP apps all connect directly and securely to your agency's webTA instance, so questions about using these apps should be directed to your webTA point-of-contact or webTA administrator. Your agency's support staff provides the best hands-on support for any problems connecting, using or managing these mobile apps.

Basic Troubleshooting

General Usage

Download the Kronos Federal Apps User Guide.

Restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Many problems can be solved by restarting your device. In rare circumstances, you may choose to delete and re-install the application which will also delete any application data that hasn't been saved back to webTA.

Network Issues

Make sure that you can connect to your agency's webTA instance from your device. (This will be the same location where you enter your work or leave time.) If you don't know or have forgotten the address/URL of webTA, you can easily get this information from your agency's webTA administrator or point-of-contact.

Once you've logged into webTA, you can use the activation link again to restore the connection with the apps. If you are unable to connect to webTA from your browser, you should contact your agency's support staff who will work with you to configure your device or verify your permissions within webTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I activate the iOS apps?

Activation is performed through your webTA instance. Your webTA administrator will need to have given you separate permission to use each app. Once that is done, you should log in to webTA on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The activation link appears in the Federal Apps group on your Employee home page. For detailed instructions, see “Kronos Federal Apps Quick Reference Card.”

I'm a Supervisor, but I don't see a way to add a license for the apps.

The licenses for webTA are added by your agency administrator and are limited to a certain number of employees. Individuals with the HR Administrator role in webTA are able to grant appropriate licenses so that your employees can begin using these apps on their devices.

I don't use webTA. Can I still use these apps?

No. These applications can only connect to Kronos webTA installations run by departments and agencies of the U.S. Federal government.

I use Kronos Workforce Central to enter my time. Can I still use these apps?

No. If available, you can use the excellent Kronos Mobile™ app for BlackBerry, or Android or iOS for managing time in Workforce Central.

Why are there separate iOS apps? Why not just one?

We wanted to provide our customers that only manage timesheets or those that only manage leave and premium pay with extra flexibility on how to distribute and license these mobile apps. We're glad you enjoy using these apps and we may consider a combined application in the future for any agencies that have purchased and use all features of webTA.

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